Shake Sustainably

We are working towards ensuring our product is as sustainable as possible, continually exploring different ways to increase the percentage of recycled material being used to create our product.

Using FORME removes the need to purchase ready-to-drink shakes. Not only does this save you money but it also reduces your contribution of single use plastics to landfill.


The stainless-steel parts of the product are produced using partially recycled steel.

As society continues to learn more about how and where to recycle these sorts of materials, we will see the availability of recycled steel increase and subsequently this percentage will rise.


Our polypropylene plastic is where we have some work to do. These parts are not currently made using recycled materials.

We are working with our factory to explore other production options that will see the recycled material content percentage increase. These alternate production solutions involving recycled plastics are more expensive and as we are still a relatively small business, we are exploring how we can accommodate this increased cost for future product runs.

On a more positive note, polypropylene is a very adaptable material, allowing it to be recycled into many different types of products if disposed of correctly.


The packaging is made from mostly recycled cardboard, and is fully recyclable. The ink used on our packaging is not recycled, but does not affect the recyclability of the packaging.

We wanted to create a ‘postable packaging solution’, so we designed our packaging to be robust enough to protect the product in transit, while also ensuring there is enough space to fit a shipping label on the outside of the box. This means it does not need to fit inside another box or bag in order to be sent out. This cuts in half the amount of cardboard used when delivering the product.

After life

FORME is recyclable, so if and when you come to dispose of the product, we would appreciate it if you could do so in a sustainable manner.

Stainless steel bottles will not be recycled by your local authority if they are left curbside, they must be taken to your local Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Polypropylene is recycled by some local authorities but not all, so we recommend you take the plastic parts to your local Reuse and Recycling Centre along with the stainless-steel body and dispose of them into the appropriate bins on site.

Remember to remove the silicone o-ring (around the bottom of the lid) and the silicone base (on the bottom of the storage container) and dispose of this separately.

What they said

"Thanks to the built-in storage container I no longer need to buy pre-mixed drinks on the go. Not only are they expensive but they leave me with more plastic waste."

- Lloyd, Leeds -