• Built-in storage

    Subtly store up to 35g of supplements or snacks in a container that locks into the base of your shaker. Its narrow diameter makes pouring easy.

  • Silent shaker

    No noisy whisk ball rattling around when you're on the move. Our shaker mechanism mixes powders well to make sure there's no nasty lumps.

  • Stainless steel body

    Keeps liquids cold for 12hrs and hot for 8hrs. The rounded corners prevent unwanted residue building up and causing odours.

  • Modern design

    Turn heads in the gym, office and anywhere you go for all the right reasons.

  • Perfectly sized

    Your FORME will fit in your rucksack pocket, bike bottle cage and any standard size cupholder, so you can go hands free.

  • Leak-proof lid

    Too many shakers cannot be trusted to keep you or your gym bag dry. With FORME you can shake safe thanks to the built-in seals.

  • Concealed drinking lip

    The lid design will minimise the drinking lip's exposure to the elements, keeping your lips germ-free.

  • Silicone base

    You won't want to put your shaker down but when you absolutely have to, it will be soft, silent and satisfying.

  • Internal volume markings

    Take away the guesswork with handy ML and OZ internal volume markings.

What they said

"If Tesla made a shaker, this would be it."

- Sarah, Arizona -

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